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As Innclude, we use an infrastructure with the latest in technology in order to protect your personal information. Our confidentiality agreement provides the necessary details on this matter. Our systems that you are using take advantage of certain cookie technologies in order to provide the best service possible, in the right way and with increasing quality. Cookie Policies inform on what the cookie is, what type of technology it will use, which ones were placed on your device and how we use it.

What is a cookie?

Broadly speaking, a cookie consists of text files that were placed into your web browser or device that provide information about how frequently you use the application and the device the application is found on. These files contain a unique identifier. Your user settings, browser history and other similar information may be contained therein.

What cookies are used?

Four types of cookies we use are described below:

a) First-party cookies

First party cookies will be directly installed on your device by us. This information will be the personal preferences that you set within the application and system, e.g., language choice, the cookie is used to recognize you and remember your preferences when you return to our application for a more personalized experience.
b) Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies will be installed on your device by our partners or service providers. We use these third-party cookies for event sharing, location entries, and to ensure you can access this information.
c) Permanent and session data

We also measure data about how often you use our application, how you use it, and certain permanent data in order to provide a better service for when you log out of the application and return to make sure you can reach relevant data as quickly and efficiently as possible.
d) Pixel tags

There are web signals, small graphic files that contain a unique identifier that notify us when customers visit our application or open an email that we have sent them. Pixel tags allow us to determine the frequency at which certain promotions and ads are being used, and how many users are visiting certain websites. At the same time, the tags help us understand where the application traffic hails from, and gives information about user volume.

Why We Use Cookies

Like online websites and applications, we make use of this data in order to be able to provide our services, make improvements, and secure the application. One of our missions is mostly to get to know you, connect you with better individualized advertising and events, and just generally become more compatible with your interests. With this purpose in mind, we may need to connect cookies with information you provided in your personal profile.

Managing Cookies

Using the links below, you may make changes related to cookies. These changes may result in partial access issues, and will not guarantee ideal functioning of our application and website.

Adobe Analytics


Google AdWords


Google Analytics


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox






Outside of these web services, there may be settings on your phone that allow you to control cookies. These types of settings may differ across devices.
It is worth noting that turning off these settings does not mean you won’t see advertisements. It means you won’t see personalized advertisements from companies associated with the advertisement you do not want to see.
Google™ Cookies

Innclude, within its website and application, especially for location information, uses Google™ Maps API cookies. This data is compiled within your device.
Whenever you log into our application on your cell phone or on a web browser and use services that rely Google™Maps API cookies, you give permission for this data to collect on your device and provide Google access to, use and sharing of the collected data.
For more information, please visit: https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/cookies

Google Analytics

Innclude, in order to report on its application and website trends, uses Google Analytics, which relies on cookies and other data collection technologies.
For more information, please visit: https://www.google.com/settings/ads

Social Cookies

In the event you give various social media applications access through your account, included in this permission is that your information, automatically will remain between sources where we obtained the information. Regarding this data, along with settings you determine while granting access, we suggest you review cookie and privacy policies of the related applications for more information.

Contact Us

If you have questions about cookie technology and our policies, please feel free to reach us at the address and/or email address below.
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