Effective Date : 01/04/2021

Article 1. Introduction

We prepared this Privacy Policy in order to show you how we use and share personal information that you share with us. The Privacy Policy, the mandates of which are written below, outlines the regulations that protect your privacy and personal information while using our INNCLUDE mobile application and website.

This Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of our INNCLUDE User Regulations.

Article 2. Innclude

Innclude LLC (Service Provider) is the firm responsible for storing your saved information.

Innclude LLC
3511 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, Delaware
19810, USA

Article 3. Areas Where Applicable

This Privacy Policy is valid as to websites as published by Innclude LLC, the entire mobile platform, events within the platform, side applications, website, data services and events organized outside of the mobile platform.

Article 4. Collection of Personal Data

The Service Provider collects certain information from you in order to develop algorithms for its website and mobile application. This information is used and applied by a systemic artificial intelligence in order to connect you, first and foremost with your friends, but also with others who share your traits and interests, as well as make it possible for persons and entities with business accounts, public institutions and corporations to provide services.

Below you will find details regarding information we collect you from you.

Article 4.a) Information You Provide

When you start using Innclude, you will set up a user profile and, in doing so, you will provide us with certain information, as listed below;

Article 4.b) Data Received From Other Parties

In addition to the information you provide us directly, we also collect data related to your interactions with other corporations or users. This data is; 

Article 4.c) Data Obtained While You Are Using Our Application

Article 5. Data Protection Technology and Function

As your Service Provider, we use various technologies and permit our business partners to use certain technologies to identify your data. This technology is called Cookies and it is used to verify your identity while you are logging into the application, storing your preference and settings, to analyze website and application traffic, and to direct advertisement campaigns accordingly. For more information on this matter, please read our Cookie Policy.

Article 6. Use of Personal Information

As your Service Provider, the most important reason we use your personal information and analyses is to provide you with this service and also to make improvements in the most efficient way possible. We use the data in order to help improve interactions among users and personalize advertisements.

More specifically;

Article 7. Information Sharing

Service Provider will share some of your personal information with other users, venues where you are on the guest list and brands in order to offer services.

These permissions that allow you to be viewed by other users and to organize events are within the confines of the application and permissions you granted in your profile.

If you are on the guest list for or are receiving invites from brands or venues with business accounts, we may again share with them information related to your profile. For security reasons, we may ask you to contact the venue or brand that added you to the list.

We may also share your user information with partners, subsidiaries of Innclude LLC, partners and, under various circumstances, with legal authorities.

Additional details and examples are listed below;

Article 8. Long-distance Data Transfers

The information sharing addressed in Article 6 will sometimes involve data transfer across borders. In this case, we apply the international contracts and the laws of the countries in question. These standard contract terms reflect commitments between companies that deal in data transfer. They are binding in terms of preserving the confidentiality and security of your data.

Article 9. Your Individual Rights

Innclude is sensitive to your personal rights. With the intent to give you the controls to manage your information;

Article 10. Protection of Personal Information

Service Provider is highly sensitive about protecting your personal data and regularly monitors and updates its technological infrastructure.

Unfortunately, even though we are paying close attention, we can’t promise that your information will always stay safe. Registered users should always proceed on the possibility that they may incur losses that go beyond a potential data breach.

If we suspect a data breach may lead to other offenses, we may suspend some or all of our services.

If you suspect that a breach of security has occurred, please contact us at

Article 11. How Long We Store Your Information

Your personal information is encrypted and stored in our data archives according to the laws of your country of residence.

Because this process may see changes according to the dictates of the laws of the United States of America, members of the European Union and other countries, even if a user decides to completely abandon the application, their data will be stored for a period of 3 months minimum and 5 years maximum encrypted in our database.

During this process, other users will not be able to access your data or profile.

Article 12. Privacy for Minors

You must be 18 years or older in order to use the Innclude application. We do not, on our platform, deliberately collect information on users under 18 years of age. However, keeping in mind that minors use cell phones, if you suspect that a person under the age of 18 is using our application, please report this to us by use of the methods provided within the application. 

Article 13. Agreement Modifications

Innclude may make modifications and/or additions to its Privacy Agreement under the governing laws and regulations. You will be notified of these changes inside the application as well as any other methods communication you have permitted.

Article 14. Contact

Feel free to reach us at with any questions and concerns about the Privacy Agreement. Response and resolution period is approximately 7 business days.